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Brother Bobbin Guide


Converts class 15 machines to accept L class bobbins. Use this adapter/spacer with Class L bobbins in a machine that normally uses Class 15/A bobbins (e.g.: your machine calls for SA156/Class 15/A bobbins and the pre-wounds you want to use are Class L). Comes in handy when pre-wound bobbins have the thread you need but are on the lower profile, Class L bobbins.

This bobbin center pin adapter/spacer can be used with either the standard or alternate bobbin case. Use this bobbin center pin adapter/spacer for better thread flow, bobbin stability, and to provide the correct height for pre-wound bobbins in the bobbin case. Adapter/spacer has special coating on the bottom so it glides very smoothly. Adapter/spacer is shown enlarged for detail. The actual size is approximately the same diameter as a bobbin.

Compatible with the Following Brother Manufactured Machines:

  • Brother Luminaire XP1 and XP2
  • Brother Dream Machine XV8500D and XV8550D
  • Brother Stellaire XJ1 and XE1
  • Baby Lock Solaris BLSA and BLSA2
  • Baby Lock Destiny BLDY and BLDY2
  • Baby Lock Altair BLTA
  • Baby Lock Meridian BLMA
  • And other compatible Brother and Baby Lock Top Load Machines

Alternate Part Numbers: XC8450051, XC8661051, XC8661151, XC8661251, XD0835051, XF5048001