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Service Department

Full machine service and repair are available for all makes and models

Please contact us by phone for pricing, wait times and same day appointments.


M-F 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat 9.30am-3.00pm


Servicing Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a machine serviced?
Service prices vary based on the type of machine. For specific pricing, please call us at 417-885-1242 or come into the store. 

How long will it take to service my machine?
We know how important your machine is to you and we aim to keep our servicing time as short as possible. Due to the volume of machines that come to our store, there will be a wait until your machine is ready for pick up. Wait times vary based on several factors, including the type of machine, repairs needed, and how many other machines are already in line waiting to be serviced. When you drop your machine off for servicing, we will let you know the wait time. You can also call our store at 417-885-1242 before you come in for our current wait time. 

I live out of town but I'll be in Springfield soon, can you look at my machine while I'm there?
We are happy to schedule a same-day servicing appointment. These are by appointment only and have limited availability—call 417-885-1242 to check availability and schedule a same-day appointment.

Are parts included in the servicing fee?
Our servicing fee does not include any parts that may be needed, The cost of any parts will be added to your total cost.

I have an old machine in a cabinet, can I bring that to your store?
Yes! Most likely, the machine can be removed from the cabinet, making it much easier for you to transport and for us to repair. Follow these steps to remove most machines from their cabinet: open the cabinet and flip the machine back. There will be two set screws at the hinge. Loosen these screws but do not remove them. Lift the machine off the pins and disconnect the wiring. Your machine is now ready for transport. Be sure to retighten the set screws so you don't lose them!