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Meet Andrea Miller! Andrea is a wife, mother, quilter and entrepreneur who created the quilting journal A Quilter’s Work. The book is self-published and is a cross between a scrapbook and journal for quilters. A Quilter’s Work allows you to preserve your quilting legacy by documenting your work - why you made it, who you made it for, the fabrics and pattern used, who quilted it and the story behind the quilt. 

Andrea came up with the idea for A Quilter’s Work about five years ago when she and a friend were comparing notes about the quilts they created that year. She did some research and realized there was nothing available that was pretty and pre-made to easily fill in the blanks about her quilts. From that need, A Quilter’s Work was born. Andrea is originally from Tulsa but has lived in Ozark for fifteen years. 

Connect with Andrea and find more information online about A Quilter’s Work by visiting her Etsy shop or following her on Instagram

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